Save Money even When Kids are Around

You should be an example for your kids when it comes to saving money. Your kids are smart enough to understand the value of saving and managing their own money. You should deal with your kids about money management at an early age. In this way, you will teach them the importance of having a good financial habit while applying it as they grow.

Kids may learn how to deal with their money by teaching them and allowing them to experience how to handle an allowance. Kids having a budgeted allowance will make their spending choices more reasonable. They will also appreciate the things that they buy when they use their money.

When determining how much money you will give them, you should know the things that they need to buy for school. Let them make their choices on what food or items they will buy at school. Most of the time kids allot their allowances for the things they spend in school, sharing it with their friends, or saving a portion of their allowance for future uses. Here are some tips on how to give your kids a reasonable allowance that they can manage.

1. You have to decide how much money you will give your kids for the week. Know the expenses that they will spend in school such as meals, classroom daily contributions and other miscellaneous expenses.

2. Teach your child to work for his allowance. You may assign several weekly tasks that he can do conveniently. He may do the dishes for you, clean the kitchen, or clean his room. In this way, he will value his allowance more since he worked for it.

3. Teach your child how to make the right purchases. In this way, he will learn to select the items that he needs most.

4. You may spend some time in helping your kids to understand how to manage and count money wisely. Let them pay simple buys when in the mall or at a store.You should always monitor your kids’ use of the money. You can ask them what they bought for their allowances for the day. In this way, you can guide them on what reasonable items they will spend for their allowances. Discuss with your kids that it is important to manage their allowances. This will help them develop a sense of responsibility in saving money.

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